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fresh spring rolls  / thai egg rolls (2)  / egg roll  / chicken satay  / crab rangoon  / fried tofu 

   butterfly shrimp  / fried vegetables  / fried wonton chips 

Soups & Salads 

      tom yum chicken/tofu  / tom yum shrimp   /  tom kah kai/ tofu  /  wonton soup 

tofu soup  / chicken rice soup  / shrimp rice soup 

yum woonsen  /  yum neur  /  somtum carrot  /  laab kai  / squid salad  

Main Courses

beef/chicken broccoli  /  vegetable delight   /  pad preow waan (sweet and sour)   

vegetable medley   /  ginger beef, chicken or pork 


                   pad kee moaw (drunken noodles)   /  pad thai chicken or tofu ( or w/ shrimp)

pad see iw  / pad woonsen 

Rice Dishes


garden bee fried rice   /  curry fried rice   /  spicy basil fried rice  

thai fried rice (beef, chicken, or pork)  /  shrimp fried rice  / combination fried rice 

Hot & Spicy Dishes

(served with steamed white rice)

cashew chicken   /  nutty pork   /  basil  

red curry chicken  / green curry beef  

panang chicken  / pad ped chicken 

Vegetarian dishes

fresh springrolls  / fried vegetables  / fried wonton chips  / tom kah tofu  / pad thai tofu  

vegetable fried rice  / mixed vegee  / cashew tofu 


fried bananas  /  thai custard   /  fried sweet potatoes   /  taro/banana sweet sticky rice rolls 


thai iced tea or thai iced coffee

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